Chicks and Poults


All our chicks are produced in our own hatchery, using modern Chick Master Machines.

 Eggs of each separate species have their own specific machines from incubation through to hatching.  

Chicks being delivered will arrive with you first thing in the morning straight from our hatchery, unlike some foreign imported chicks that can arrive anytime during the day and could be in transit for up to 36 hours.


 All our pheasants are grass reared in conventional 500 bird units, Common Ring Neck, Kansas and American Cross available. The first partridges of the season are also grass reared in 500 bird units, later partridges are raised on verandas, due to the poor weather we have come to expect towards the end of the rearing season.

Deliveries are carried out by our fleet of 4x4 vehicles and our 17ft flatbed trailers. Each trailer is capable of holding up to 3500 poults, which are protected from any weather or cold by our special breathable covers.

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